Photographs from Cairns and Far North Queensland


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Photos in this collection were taken during trips to Cairns in 1995 and 1996.

500 Photographs on a CDThe tropical rainforest is absolutely breathtaking! The dense vegetation and mysterious birds create a surreal atmosphere. There was a bird I heard many times that sounded very weird. If you have a sound card, listen... (22k). If you would like to get the feel for the place, listen to the sound of the jungle.. (66k).

There are many interesting places to go to in Cairns and around the area. If the weather gets too hot on the coast, you can go to Atherton Tableland. We were unlucky in 1995 to experience the highest temperatures ever recorded in Cairns (42 deg C!!), a trip up to the Tableland was very refreshing. The temperature was about 12 degrees lower on average, and at Millaa Millaa lookout it dropped to 24 deg C. What a relief!

If you would like to see city of Cairns, go for a Cairns Jungle Walk at Mt Whitfield. Apart from panoramic views of Cairns, you will see the most unique sign in the world at the beginning of the walk: "The pounding sound of joggers feet may aggravate cassowaries". Wow !!! That got me scared! I imagined the place crawling with angry 6 foot tall cassowaries! Unfortunately we were not lucky to meet them at all. Maybe next time.

Another 'must see' is the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Have a listen to the train (68k) and imagine a railway line off the cliff wall with waterfall between you and the wall. Pretty scary. But the views are fantastic.

For some of the best rainforest, go for a walk in Mossman Gorge National Park. It was incredible. The scenery was unforgetable.

And say hello to the pelican in Cairns and see the friendly grass hopper that hopped onto our car in Yorkey's Knob.


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