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Wingspan Artworks
is an Art Studio that specialises in Butterfly designs . It consists of it's two founding partners, Adrian Kosky and Mish Dennerstein, and a range of skilled artisans and crafts people. It is based in Melbourne, Australia. Its primary purpose is to produce Butterfly designs that sell through retail outlets, such as:

  • Zoo's.
  • Botanical Gardens.
  • Art and craft Galleries.
  • Museums.
  • Environmental Centres.
  • Sanctuaries.
  • Garden Centres.
  • The Gift Trade.
  • Fundraisers.
  • Weddings.
  • Private Commissions.

The" Hand Painted Butterflies " are currently being collected all over Australia and beyond, with the Internet making it possible for people like yourself able to find us, and offer valuable suggestions, and share our enthusiasm for what we do.

Adrian Kosky was the originator of this unique concept. He began making the Hand Painted Butterflies in 1990, creating large murals of them in public places. The response was overwhelming, and soon needed help with the painstaking method of production required. His partner, Mish Dennerstein joined him in 1994 to open Wingspan Artworks, so they could keep up with the ever growing demand, and help develop a retail product and personalised service for it's expanding customer base. The studio now supports a number of Artists and crafts people, who help in the production, keeping the Butterflies a carefully hand made, Australian made product.

Why Butterflies?
All who work at Wingspan Artworks have a love of colour, design, fantasy and nature, and the Butterfly theme allows for a detailed exploration of all of these areas. They are such a strong symbol of life, freedom, change, beauty, and appeal to so many people for their fragility. The world, and all of our lives seem to be in a constant state of change, and the Butterflies for Wingspan Artworks are a symbol of the positive side to the changes.

We love what we do and hope a little of that spreads a long way!!

We are earning our wings to fly!!!!

About the Butterfly People
Adrian Kosky has a background in the Arts, Drama, Music and Education. Wingspan Artworks acts as a vehicle for all these pursuits.

Mish Dennerstein has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation/ Leisure studies, and has been involved in a range of community based Environmental projects.

The two founding partners, together with Artisans and Crafts people with such diverse backgrounds as Metalworkers, Fashion Designers, Musicians, and even Actors, combine their creative talents to expand the Butterfly theme laterally.

Wingspan Artworks

If you have any comments or queries, write to us at

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