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February 1998
U.K. Distributor

Wingspan Artworks now has a U.K. Distributor. For trade inquiries, please contact David Callaghan at Anglo Australian Artworks {Allyandy LTD] Tel/Fax in UK: 01809080787

October 1996
Winging around the World

Wingspan Artworks Web site was selected a hotlink in October issue of magazine!! Here's some of what they had to say:

"[...] Its design, animations and site construction puts most larger companies to shame [...] Seldom does a site this breathtaking come from anyone but a major company. Flights of fancy leave every second from"

July 1996
Grand Opening!!!

Wingspan Artworks are now on the World Wide Web!

Find out who we are and what we do, admire Australian Butterflies and Flights of Fantasy, explore ideas for what to do with butterflies, see our products, and if you like them, find out how to order them. And have fun with the Fun Stuff!!


If you have any comments or queries, write to us at

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