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The big Blue, the Pretty tail, flashing Tropic Wings over the Green, Seldom Seen.

Found in north east Australia.

Birdwing With a Graceful movement, the Forest comes alive with Colour, that blends yet Outshines its Environment.

Found mid east to north east Australia.

Orchard At home in Groves of Citrus trees, and attracted to Home Gardens. A contrast of Earth tones and Primary colours.

Found in southern Australia.

Wanderer The Gypsy, the Rover, the Traveller all over.

Found Australia wide.

Admiral Imitating the Colours of the Australian Landscape.

Found in southern and central Australia.

Cairns Birdwing Echoes of the Forest, and the Sunlight and the Richness of the Tropical North.

Found in north east Australia.

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