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:: MiC Quality: Primer in Statistics, Advanced Statistics

Six Sigma Courses Instructor:  Glen Netherwood

Glen Netherwood

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:: Student Feedback
"The fundamentals of statistics have been explained in a beautiful manner which makes them easy to understand."
"The format of this course is excellent and ensures that each principle has been fully understood before moving on to the next."

Design of Experiments
(DOE) Course

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Course

Online courses Primer in Statistics and Advanced Statistics are aimed at professionals needing statistics to do their work. The courses introduce practical ideas for process improvement and Six Sigma programs.

The courses are interactive. They include animated simulations, Excel spreadsheet activities, questions and tests.

Student Feedback
John Foreman John Foreman, Quality Systems Manager, Wire Maid, a wire form manufacturer: "The course was well put together and easy to understand. I am very pleased with your setup and the examples you have used. I was able to relate to them very easily. Also, the ability to check your answers and learning how to formulate problems was a great tool. I have done multiple online courses and have to state that this is as simple as it can get and the Customer Service is phenomenal. I will be referring friends and contacts to this course. Excellent Job!"
Jennifer McClare, Engineer, Canada - "Very practical, lots of examples, easy to understand. Rather than just a review of math, the course was very applied with a number of very practical real-world examples. It showed me that I already knew enough to be making improvements in processes, but just didn't know how to apply it. The email support was very thorough and contained personal responses, not "canned" answers; individual attention was at least as good as in a classroom setting, if not better."
Jay Otts Jay Otts, Quality Engineer/Failure Analysis Engineer, Raytheon - "I learned several important concepts in statistics and how to apply them correctly. They include how to design and apply statistical tests to evaluate products and processes, analyze the relationships between process inputs and outputs using regression analysis, how to use ANOVA to analyze the results of simple experiments, apply probability theory to various situations using discrete distribution methods and formulas. Responses to emails were outstanding."

:: Introduction to Statistics
You can get the taste of our approach to online learning by completing a subset of the Primer in StatisticsIntroduction to Statistics. If you decide to enroll afterwards you will get access to the entire Primer and email support. As an added bonus, if you go on to any of our other courses, you will receive 10% discount.

The Primer in Statistics and Advanced Statistics will help you to prepare for:


Once you enroll you will have unlimited email support to:

  • clarify anything that puzzles you
  • get feedback on exercises and activities
  • get advice on applying it to your work
- 3 ASQ RUs
- self-paced, interactive, practical
- 4 weeks of access, 2-week free extension
- qualified instructor, 24/7 email support
- certificate of completion

- Introduction to Statistics
- Box Plots, Quartiles & Percentiles

- Inferential Statistics
- Range and Standard Deviation
- Testing for Normality
Pareto Charts, Multi-Vari Charts, Correlation

Duration: 30 hours

Cost: US$190

- 3 ASQ RUs
- self-paced, interactive, practical
- 4 weeks of access, 2-week free extension
- qualified instructor, 24/7 email support
- certificate of completion
- Inferences from Samples
- Hypothesis Testing

- Making Comparisons
- Regression Analysis

- Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
- Probability and Distributions
Duration: 30 hours

Cost: US$190

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA/ Gage R&R) | Statistical Process Control (SPC) for SIX SIGMA Training
Design of Experiments (DOE) for Process Improvement and SIX SIGMA Training
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