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Design of Experiments (DOE)

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:: Statistical Process Control (SPC) from MiC Quality

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Course Summary

- 3 ASQ RUs
- self-paced, interactive
- 4 weeks of access
- 2 weeks free extension
- 30 hours of work
- 24/7 individual support
- certificate of completion
- cost:
- recommended books

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Design of Experiments
(DOE) Course

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)/ Gage R&R

:: Our students are from:

- General Electric
- Bayer AG
- Pfizer Inc
- Novartis
- Lam Research
- Dana Corporation
- United HealthGroup
- JP Morgan Chase
- Clorox Company
- Dow Chemical Company
- Procter & Gamble


Glen NetherwoodThe Online Course in Statistical Process Control (SPC) is ready for enrollment. It covers areas listed in the course syllabus. For an overview of the course go to the introduction.

If you are interested in the online Six Sigma training you will be interested in a course in statistical process control. Achieving Six Sigma Black Belt or Six Sigma Green Belt requires a thorough knowledge of SPC. Our basic and advanced courses in statistical process control will provide you with a good basis for development of this knowledge.

If you have ASQ certification this course certificate will give you 3 ASQ RUs (Recertification Units)

If you have any questions please contact us.
Glen Netherwood, MiC Quality

:: ADVANCED Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Statistical Process Control (SPC) Course


If you would like to train a number of staff from your company find out about our Company Licenses

:: What our students said about the courses:

Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh, Consulting Engineer, UK - "I have now completed the Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments and Measurement Systems Analysis courses and found this has given me an excellent grounding in the theory behind Six Sigma methodologies. I am now confident to start applying these techniques on a day to day basis. The way in which the structure makes you go through the practical exercises is ideal, and really reinforces the concepts in a practical manner."

Lori Collins, Quality Assurance Chemist, Government Laboratory - "This series of courses, from the Excel Primer through to the Design of Experiments course, has been just wonderful. The courses were well done and the material was easy to understand. The best thing about these courses is that they were designed for people working in the real world, with real world problems! The Statistical Process Control course shows you how to apply statistics to real world situations. It doesn't just give you theory. At the end of this course you can use the material you learned right away to improve process control in your workplace."

Karen Collins, Product Manager, Assay Designs - "I would just like to thank you very much for such a pleasant and educational experience. I was actually surprised at how little this course cost for the amount of material that is provided. I will be able to make some very beneficial changes here at Assay Designs."

Dragos Marin
Dragos Gabriel Marin, Purchasing Analyst, Pratt & Whitney, Canada -"When I started the course my experience in statistics was the very traumatizing course in university plus a number of unsuccessful attempts of studying Statistical Process Control from a number of books. Now, at the end of the course I can say that yes, I understand the concepts and I will apply them. It is very well designed, the time allocated - 6 weeks- is giving the pace necessary to study thoroughly the materials, the e-mail support is excellent, and not in the end - it is affordable."

Stacey Mays, SPC Coordinator, Dana Corporation, Manufacturing Industry - "This was a great course. I truly recommend it to anyone that works with Statistical Process Control or for that matter, anyone that wants a good understanding of the many factors involved with SPC. I will apply the lessons learned from this course on a daily basis at work."

Marta Nichols, IT Industry- "I especially like your 'Peek at the Method' for instant evaluation. I like being able to check the method against my work even when I get the correct answer. I want to make sure I arrived at the answer the same way. Of course, it's great to take a peek when I am really stuck so that I can continue studying. This gives me flexibility to study any hour of any day as I choose. It's great!"

Vicki Bascom, Manufacturing Industry - "What I like most is the fact that I can speak intelligently of the data when presenting my charts and watching the faces of my peers. I have been able to respond to their questions in a manner that satisfies the managers. Thank You. "

Katherine Williams, Neoprobe Corporation, Healthcare Industry - "I would not have been able to justify the expense of a $800 course. Also, scheduling time to attend a course is difficult. This was the perfect learning environment for me."

:: Objectives
After completing this course you will:

  • understand the statistical concepts underpinning Statistical Process Control
  • understand the effects of variation on processes and be able to use that understanding to make sound decisions
  • be able to conduct Process Capability Studies and apply Control Charts in your workplace
  • interpret the output of Statistical Process Control methods effectively, avoiding misconceptions and identifying opportunities for process improvement

:: Features
The Online Course in Statistical Process Control (SPC) is self-paced and includes:

:: interactive tutorials
:: animated simulations
:: case studies
:: email support

You will be given access to the course material for 4 weeks which can be extended by 2 weeks on request at no extra cost. The average time to work through all of the course material is around 30 hours.

If you work through over 80% of course material you will receive a certificate.

:: Cost
Our 30-hour online course is very good value and it costs ~US$190
. You can SAVE $US90 by enrolling in both courses at the same time (select SPC Package on the enrollment form). It comes with free email support from the course instructor, Glen Netherwood. You can ask questions not just about the course but also on how you can use Statistical Process Control in practice.

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