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Design Of Experiments Courses Summary

- 3 ASQ RUs each
- self-paced, interactive
- 4 weeks of access each
- 2 weeks free extension
- 30 hours of work each
- qualified instructor
- 24/7 email support
- certificates of completion
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Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Course


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Design of Experiments
Advanced Design of Experiments Courses

The online courses in Design of Experiments (DOE) and Advanced Design Of Experiments (Advanced DOE) are ready for enrollment. If you are interested in the Six Sigma Training you will be interested in these courses. Achieving Six Sigma Black Belt requires a thorough knowledge of experimental design. Our courses will provide you with a good basis for development of this knowledge.

The basic Design of Experiments course covers single factor experiments, full factorial and fractional factorial designs and screening designs. It includes hypothesis testing, t-tests and F tests. You will learn how to create designs, carry out the experiments and analyze the results using the Minitab software (if you don’t have access to Minitab you can download a free evaluation copy from www.minitab.com). The course is practical and interactive; after completing it you will be capable and confident in using experimental design to improve your processes.

The Advanced Design Of Experiments course covers the Taguchi approach, Response Surface Designs, Hill Climbing and Mixture Designs. The course shows you how to use the advanced features of Minitab. After completing the course you will be confident about applying the methods to your processes, and in using the Minitab software.

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Online Courses in
Design of Experiments (DOE), Advanced Design Of Experiments (DOE)



If you have ASQ certification this course certificate will give you 3 ASQ RUs (Recertification Units)



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:: What Students Said about the Course

April Baugher, Process Development Engineer, Applied Biosystems - "I've found that your course provides the same information given in the Montgomery texts, but your course supplies it in a palatable manner in which I can understand the applications. I've found myself glazing over looking at the SPC and DOE Montgomery texts, which can read like a mathematics proof. Your course bridges that gap for me."

Jonathan deMario, Engineer, Select Technologies - "Being able to view the sample methods was very important. Examples were clear and the process of learning in related steps from page to page worked well. The concepts of paired and unpaired tests and confidence intervals were made clear. I've read several statistic books that have left me confused with these topics. I have used the ANOVA test before in my workplace and can now use it more efficiently and with better understanding."

Saleel R Nayak, Chemical Engineer, PT South Pacific Viscose, Indonesia - "It was my first online course. I never dreamt that it could be done so systematically and in an organized manner. I would like to thank MiC Quality for responding very promptly to my questions."

Jay Otts, Quality Engineer/Failure Analysis Engineer, Raytheon - "The Design od Experiments course exceeded all of my expectations. It gave great examples as well as 'how to' info when you get stuck on a problem. It provided a lot of valuable material that will be very useful in my day to day quality responsibilities. My mind has been stimulated and challenged with far more information than I expected. I have looked at other courses costing more and giving much less."

:: Objectives
After completing the basic Design of Experiments course you will be able to improve your processes by using full or fractional factorial experimental design. Specifically you will be able to:

  • use t-tests and F tests
  • design and analyze single factor experiments using ANOVA
  • select a full or fractional factorial design , including screening and Packett-Burman designs
  • analyze the results using ANOVA, Residual Analysis, Normal Probability Plots and transforms
  • use the Minitab software to create and analyze your designs
  • use experimental design to improve your processes

After completing the Advanced DOE course you will be able to:

  • analyze dispersion using the Taguchi Signal to Noise Ratio and classical methods
  • use and analyze Taguchi designs
  • add center points to experimental designs
  • apply response surface methods, including Central Composite and Box-Behnken designs
  • use the 'hill climbing' approach to find the process optimum
  • analyze mixture designs
  • use Minitab to set up and analyze Taguchi, response surface and mixture designs

:: Contents
Main Topics for the Basic Design of Experiments Course:

  • hypothesis testing, t-test and F tests
  • single factor experiments and ANOVA
  • full and fractional factorial designs
  • screening designs and Plackett-Burman designs
  • residual analysis, normal probability plots and transforms

Main Topics for the Advanced Course

  • Taguchi Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Taguchi approach to experimental design, including inner and outer arrays, Taguchi arrays and linear graphs
  • Response Surface Designs (Central Composite and Box Behnken)
  • Hill Climbing
  • Mixture Designs

:: Features
The online courses in Design of Experiments are self-paced and include interactive tutorials, questionnaires, case studies and email support. You will be given access to the course material for 4 weeks for each course which can be extended by 2 weeks on request at no extra cost. The average time to work through all of the course material is about 30 hours for each course. If you work through over 80% of course material you will receive a certificate of completion.

:: Cost
The basic and Advanced DOE courses cost $US250
each. You can SAVE $US110 by enrolling in both courses at the same time (select DOE Package on the enrollment form).

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